Level 1

1000m Row for time

Level 2

1000m Row for time

sub 4:00/4:30

Level 3

1000m Row for time

Sub 3:30/4:05

Level 4

1000m Row for time

Sub 3:15/3:50



Warm up to a heavy set of five press, Increase weight each set hear after.

3 sets of 5 press. 3 sets of 3 push press. Five sets of one push jerk.


Dead sprint…almost

On the rower, 3-5 seconds per 500m can make a huge difference in our ability to maintain. So a good hypothetical pace is going to be 5 seconds slower than your max effort.

Remember those 200m sprints from last week? Those should give you a good idea of where you should be.

Also, remember that the “qualifying” times for each level are meant to motivate you, use them as something to push for. We’ve got some folks in here who are getting really good at rowing, the times reflect this.

Get more Awesome: 8 minutes of stretching