Level 1

3 Rounds for time:

400 meter run

20 Ring Rows

20 Overhead Squats

Level 2

3 Rounds for time:

400 meter run

7 Pull Ups

20 Overhead Squats, 45/35#

Level 3

3 Rounds for time:

400 meter run

15 Pull Ups

20 Overhead Squats, 65/45#

Level 4 Rx

3 Rounds for time:

400 meter run

20 Pull Ups

20 Overhead Squats, 95/65#

*Less than 11 minutes


Keeping things in prospective.  Thursday I completed a conditioning test.  The test was 16 x 1/2 Gassers with a 45 second rest.  A 1/2 gasser is a football term for sprinting the width of the field and back.  A football field is 53 yards wide so it is a 103 yard total sprint.  This is a conditioning test used by most NFL teams on the first day of training camp.  For my body weight I need to complete each sprint in less than 16 seconds.  If you miss even one of the 16 sprints you fail the test.  I failed the test on the second sprint.  I kept going because I wanted to complete the test even if I couldn’t successfully pass it.  I completed 1 sprint in less than 16 seconds, 7 in less than 17 seconds, 6 in less than 18 seconds, and 2 in less than 19 seconds.  By the end I was just glad to have finished.  The 45 second breaks made this test tough.  So I’m not cut out to be an NFL football player.  No surprise.  What was humbling is that I would not have even passed the test for the lineman standards.  I’m still pretty happy with my current fitness level.  Just trying to be my best everyday.  I’ll enjoy this weekends Super Bowl game knowing that I’m watching some phenomenal athletes at every position.


Day 1, 2, or 3


Today we will see how good your overhead squat is. Positioning and shoulder stability will be taxed today. After the strength of the day you will already be feeling the love you gave to your legs and shoulders. The pull ups will effect your overhead ability. Overhead squats are difficult to do if you are to out of breath. Today you are allowed to pace the run in order to minimize the time spent on the pull ups and overhead squats. Stay smooth and consistent. Going to fast the first round or doing to many pull ups or Overhead Squats could slow you down dramatically the 2nd or 3rd round. Steady and consistent more than ever today.

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