Level 1

150 wallballs for time

Level 2

150 wallballs for time 14/10

Level 3


150 wallballs for time 20/14

Level 4 Rx


150 wallballs for time 20/14


We did a very similar workout last week with 150 wallballs in it.

Last week we did 50-40-30-20-10 of wallballs and we forced you to rest for 1 minute in between sets. This meant you had 4 minutes of rest that you had to take included in your workout.

Today we are not forcing you to rest, so we should see faster times, but you might be surprised that your time isn’t that much faster… this morning so far I’ve seen an average of about 1 minute faster.

If you go slower than last week, it means you’re not resting properly and we need to learn about pacing.


Back Squat 1RM


Max HSPU in 2 minutes


Hand stand hold for time


Wall walk for distance from wall

Mobility:  shoulders and forearms