Level 1


Power Snatch

Box Jump

Level 2


Power Snatch, 65/44#

Box Jump 20/16″

Level 3


Power Snatch, 75/55#

Box Jump 24/20″

Level 4 Rx


Power Snatch, 115/75#

Box Jump 24/20″


We are building up our social media marketing strategy to better support our gym community.  If you haven’t already, be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram.  Our focus will be on member accomplishments, nutrition, and outside events.  We will be starting a team competition in the gym on May 11th.  We will do the AM classes versus the PM classes.  There will be two ways to gain points.  The first will be to check in via Facebook every time you come to the gym for a workout.  The second will be to accomplish the daily home exercise (i.e. 15 Burpees).  During the competition we will put out additional challenges for bonus points.  This will be an exciting event.  Time to be awesome.


12 minutes to establish a 5 rep Max Back Squat


Box Jumps should be done at a slow pace.  Rest just long enough that you can do the power snatch in one unbroken set each round.

Get more Awesome: 50 push ups