Level 1

3 Rounds

10 Ring Rows

10 DB push press

20 DB walking lunges

Level 2

3 Rounds

5 Pullups

10 DB push press 30/20

20 DB walking lunges

Level 3

3 Rounds

10 Pullups 10 Dips

10 DB push press 40/25

20 DB walking lunges

Level 4 Rx

3 Rounds

5 Muscle up

10 DB push press 50/35

20 DB walking lunges



Deadlift 10×5 at 80% of last weeks 5rm

Focus on form and good bar speed.

(use 70% of 1RM if you dont have a five rep from last week.)


Today’s strength will take a bit out of you, make sure you still go at the WOD hard and finish quickly. The Lunges will burn, but you can expect it and push through.

If you do it right, you’ll vomit just a tiny bit.

Get more Awesome: stretch and foam roll as much as possible (minimum 6 minutes)