Level 1


Bench Press


Level 2


Bench Press @60%/50% body weight


Level 3


Bench Press @80%/65% body weight


Level 4 Rx


Bench Press @100%/80% body weight



We talk about “motivation” a lot, but what is truly important – for any type of long term success- is discipline.

Motivation comes and goes, but discipline is there long after the excitement of moving toward a goal is gone. The quickest way to being more disciplined is forming a habit.

I used to have trouble waking up to coach the 5:30 class, I had to set multiple alarms to go off early so I could hit snooze repeatedly and then stumble into the gym barely on time and with sleep still on my eyes.

I finally decided that I needed to get in the habit of getting up when my alarm first goes off. So one Sunday afternoon I “practiced”. I laid down in my bed with the lights off and set my alarm to go off in 10 minutes. When it went off I got out of bed, walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Then I got back in bed, set my alarm again and repeated the whole thing. I did this for an hour.

The next morning when my alarm went off, lo and behold; I got up! In fact, I was brushing my teeth before I was fully awake.

I wake up before my alarm most days now… And although I’m not always a ray of sunshine in the morning, I’m about a million times better than I used to be.

Think about your goals, and come up with a way to make moving towards them habitual.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit,” -Aristotle



Clean and Jerk 1 RM

Mobility:  skiERG 500m