Level 1

5 Rounds:

7 Wall Ball

7 Ring Rows

7 Push Ups

Level 2

5 Rounds:

7 Wall Ball 20/14#

7/3 Pull Ups

7/3 Dips

Level 3

5 Rounds:

7 Wall Ball 30/20#

7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

7 Ring Dips

Level 4 Rx

5 Rounds:

7 Wall Ball 30/20#

7 Muscle Ups


We are working to be our best.  I have several new youth sports teams now training in the gym or starting in June.  The main point I try to get across to the parents is that I am not coaching their children to become professional athletes.  I am coaching them to become successful people.  You and I do the same thing everyday in the gym.  We are not training to become world class athletes, we are training to be better people.  To be physically and equally as important mentally stronger.  We know it is through adversity that we grow.  That is why we push ourselves during the workouts.  That is why we show up even when we don’t want to.  We are working on controlling our emotions and channeling our energy in helpful ways.  We are supporting others around us to do the same.  We are not training to be the best.  We are training to be our best.  Keep up the good work.  Be awesome.


Hang Squat Snatch – 3 reps every minute for 20 minutes


This one should be done very quick.  Embrace the burn.

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