Level 1


Overhead Squat

Box Jumps

Level 2


Overhead Squat 75/53#

Box Jumps 20/16″

Level 3


Overhead Squat 95/75#

Box Jumps 24/20″

Level 4 Rx


Overhead Squat 135/95#

Box Jumps 24/20″


For Christmas Daniel received a model airplane F4B Phantom II complete with all the glue and model paint he would need.  This is the same kit as the first model kit I was given as a kid.  I remember my Father showing me how to put it together.  Thinking back now he probably did most of it.  On Sunday Daniel and I began assembling his model airplane.  There are 15 different steps to the assembly.  It took us over an hour to do the first two steps.  In an age of legos this was a little disconcerting.  But what did I learn from the experience.  Daniel loved it.  Why?  Because it doesn’t necessarily matter to him what was accomplished but that we got to work alongside one another for over an hour.  He also expressed his eagerness for our next model assembly session.  Bam.  So often I think I am going to teach my children something and it turns out that I’m the student.  I am grateful for the life lessons my children teach me.  Make time people.  Make time.




Overhead Squats are the most difficult of the squats that we do. Don’t worry so much about the weight. Focus on improving your technique. If your shoulder mobility does not allow you to do the movement safely then we will have you do front squats.  If you are unable to do front squats then we will have you do back squats.  In the workout today remember you have completed half the workout after the round of 8. Pace accordingly. Each round should get slightly faster than the one before.

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