Level 1

5 rounds

20/15 cal row OR bike

20 wall walls

20 Ring Rows

Level 2

5 rounds

30/20 cal row OR bike

20 wall walls 14/10

5 pull ups

Level 3

5 rounds

30/20 cal row OR bike

20 wall balls 20/14

10 pull ups

Level 4

5 rounds:

30/20 cal row OR bike

20 wall balls 20/14

20 pull ups


Hey Mission Happy Wednesday

Coach D here… i spent over 45 minutes writing up todays motivation. By the end of it, it looked like a small novel. I wrote, ideas, training methods, and probably 3-4 paragraphs on mental focus. But i ended up erasing it all. I know what your all thinking ” why did you erase it all i would have loved to have heard all that”?????!!!!! Let me tell you guys a personal story instead. One of my philosophy professors in college told us one day that we needed to start studying for an upcoming test that would probably be the most difficult one we have ever taken. So obviously this scared all of us, none of us knew what to expect or what to study. The whole class would get together and just read and discuss what it might be but yet we had no idea. Test day came, class is full not an empty seat, he walks in, nerves and anxiety come over the whole class. He tells us to take out one peice of paper and a pencil. With hands shaking and confusion in my head he approaches the front of the class and say “ok class your test today is going to be you writing one sentence”. A huge sigh of relief comes over all of us…oh man one sentence for a test this is awesome. He then goes to say ” There is no right or wrong answer to this”.. another sigh of relief goes over the class as if there was no test to begin with. He tells us our test question “Using one sentence i want you to describe your entire life so far”….it was like a truck had hit all of us at once..the talking had stopped, confusion rang out, the anxiety had creeped its way back into all of us. Hands were raised ” Sir how can we possibly describe our entire life in one sentence??”. He was silent, just a blank stare with a little smirk is all we got from him. Not one pencil hit that paper for over 30 minutes. He was right. By far the hardest test i have ever taken. I believe over 40 minutes went by until i finally wrote something down, “My life is a journey full of constant learning” is what i wrote that day. He made us all stay there till the last person was finished. When the last person turned in there paper he approached the front and asked what we thought about the test. The class was silent. He then told us “Life is about the quality not the quantity”. He then dismissed us.

This really hit me. We are so focused today in our lives that always doing things and having as many things as possible is happiness. Going out every weekend, going to the movies,beach,bar,park, buying the newest fashion, t.v, car, shoes, cell phone. do you retain all the memories from those experiences?? Now i am not saying these things are bad and you should not go out and have fun. But what I’m asking you all to think about is, are all those moments within your lives on the weekend going to be remembered years to come? quality of life is not about always being busy/ distracted/ buying the latest thing for momentary satisfaction. Its about spending time with the ones you love, taking in every moment , every breath you take you should enjoy, wake up every morning thankful that you woke up, thankful for the things you have. Spend time at these places that you are going as if you were never going to come back to them, the people you meet as if you will never see them again. A grim way at looking at life i know, but taking time to enjoy whats around you, the people around you and enjoying the life you were given will bring so much more value to it.

This brings me back to Crossfit, make every movement in here look beautiful, what i mean by that is spend a lot of time making sure the quality of the movement is there. They better we move within a movement the more efficient we will be and the stronger we will get guaranteed. So take you’re time with the movements and focus on body position. Please never be afraid to ask a coach about anything. And remember smooth is fast!



5×5 bench @75%

Get more Awesome: 3 Way Shoulder Stretch 1 min per