Alane Scott – July ’12 Athlete of the Month

Alane “50 Pull-ups” Scott (not named this before CrossFit) came into Mission CrossFit just about a year ago with the goal of getting back in shape again.  She was looking for something different than a Globo Gym, and heard about CrossFit from a friend.  Since starting she has noticed physical, mental and emotional changes.  She can’t even remember when she was the same size that she is now, and is back to enjoying exercise again.  She has a greater amount of energy than in the past and now has a greater outlook on life.  She said, “I thought it was all downhill when you’re getting older, and it’s really not.”  Alane’s family has always been active, but they are even better now that they are all doing CrossFit together.  Her husband Sonny (who installed our new pull-up rigs), teenage son Cody (wrestling at Laguna Hills H.S.), and daughter Rachel (in the kids program) are all members.

When asked about her favorite WOD or movement she said that she, “loves learning the different weights, especially Deadlift, whether as a strength or in a WOD.”  The only lifting that she is not fond of is doing Snatches.  Originally Alane’s goal was to lose weight, get back in shape, and, “get ‘me’ back.”  Now she has shifted her focus to taking every new movement with baby steps and continually progressing.  She is able to enjoy her small accomplishments.  Something that most members don’t know about Alane is that she likes riding Harley’s and drinking wine, but not the two together.  Alane is a well-known, loved and respected member of our Mission CrossFit family and continues to inspire trainers and members daily.  When asked what CrossFit means to her, she gave a great one word response, “Happiness.”

NOTE:  Alane had made a goal to get a pull-up by the end of 2011, and accomplished this just before Christmas.  Just over 4 months later, on her 50th birthday, she finished 50 pull-ups!  Since then she has completed 100 pull-ups in a WOD!

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