Mission CrossFit Kids

At Mission CrossFit we offer a program for kids and teens. We teach them to enjoy the sport of fitness in an encouraging environment. We focus on what they do best….move. Our youth classes are so fun, your kids won’t know they’re working out.

We employ tons of games that makes the experience a blast. With CrossFit, your kid will pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift, and jump.  We utilize speed ladders, plyo boxes, ropes, sleds, pull up bars, balls and weights. Imagine your child’s self confidence as they accomplish physical tasks they didn’t believe they could do.

We are not a typical fitness facility.  We cater to those who want more out of life.  Those who want their kids and teens to learn to love exercise and be more athletic.  More coordinated kids and teens make better athletes, and healthier more confident students.

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Our Kaizen Motto?

“Kaizen” is Japanese for “Continuous Improvement” and our Mission CrossFit Kids is specifically designed to help your kids or teens continuously improve. It’s designed to prepare them for the obstacles of daily life by enhancing all areas of fitness.

The design and format of the Mission CrossFit Kids program is to maximize youth development. It is not just a scaled down version of our adult CrossFit Program. We spend extra time on neurological development. We conduct workouts focused on fun and creative routines to get kids and teens excited about exercising. The program is also designed to educate them on the fundamentals and basics of fitness in a positive and safe environment. Within our kids program is our Mission Field, Dive, and Swim Strong Programs. These programs give an added focus on team development, character, and leadership skills.

What classes are available for my child or teen?

We have three different classes available within the Mission CrossFit Kids program. Your child will be placed into one of the following courses, depending on their age, maturity, and ability.

Course Ages Duration
Kids 4-12 60 min
Teens 13-17 60 min

**Depending on maturity and ability, some kids will move up to an older course at an earlier age. Our Trainers will make these decisions, when opportunities arise.

How do I get my kids started?

Your child can start any week, during any appropriate Mission CrossFit Kids class.  Enrollment includes two classes per week.  For class management purposes, we ask that you choose either Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday time slots. Be sure to review our Schedule page for the latest class times.
During the Teens Class, teenagers will also be instructed on proper lifting technique in the deadlift, back squat, front squat, clean, press, push press, and push jerk.