At Mission CrossFit we offer a number of various classes. We offer 5 different CrossFit classes and 4 different styles of Yoga. We have classes for kids and teens. We have classes for beginners. We have classes for the experienced. And, with our 6400 square-foot facility we have plenty of space to do it all.

Which class is best for you and your family? Use this Course guide to find out.



Our CrossFit course is the most popular adult class we offer. Our CrossFit class is the most effective way, we’ve found, to achieve a greater level of fitness and health. These classes are designed for those that have already completed our On Ramp program, or a similar program elsewhere, and are 18 or older.

On Ramp

This 12-session course is designed to introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, the core CrossFit movements, and the intensity of the workouts. If you are like, the majority of our members that have never been exposed to CrossFit, we recommend this 12-session course, before entering our normal CrossFit course. Like the CrossFit course, the On Ramp program is for those those aged 18 or older.

Kaizen Youth Club

Our Kaizen Youth Club is designed to educate your child on the fundamentals and basics of fitness in a positive and safe environment. We offer 3 separate courses for you kid or teen, depending on their age, maturity, and ability.