Dear Mission CrossFit Family,
The last two weeks have been interesting to say the least.  Adjustments need to be made to take care of ourselves and our community.  In these troubling times, I believe we can find ways to better ourselves.  This situation has already deeply impacted all of us. I wish to fill you in on the direction we are headed.  
Based on directives from government authorities we must temporarily close the facility.
The best part about Mission CrossFit is the community.  I miss and worry about you.  
My vision moving forward is to support the Mission CrossFit community by providing at home workouts.  I have found a platform that will allow us to deliver multiple workout options for you to do at home and stay connected with our community.  The app is free for you to use.
Download the WeTime app to your smart phone or go to and create a login.  
Once logged in, hit the search icon at the bottom-middle and type Mission CrossFit.  Once the page loads you will see a list of workouts/challenges at the bottom.  The first one I posted is 3 min Burpee Challenge.  Click on one you want to complete.  You can use the app to video record your workout or you can just enter your score.  See you on the leaderboard.
We have an opportunity to support the greater community.  Please use the challenges and invite your friends and family to participate.  Technology can bring us together.  Lets use it to connect and be active.  We will have lots of kid friendly challenges you can all do together.  Staying active brings us together and helps combat the physical and emotional stress we are feeling at this time.
We thank you for your membership.  You have the option of borrowing equipment for your at home workouts.  I’m currently working on a platform that will allow us to coach you remotely.  It will start with general programming you will be able to follow with no equipment or a minimal equipment option.   The programming will progress to, if you choose, personalized programming based on your equipment and goals.  
You can pick up your equipment starting Monday, March 23rd.  Email me with your wish list and an AM or PM pick up time request.  We have squat racks, barbells, rings, rowers, and bikes available.  Additionally, we have and highly recommend, a jump rope, ab mat, kettlebells, and dumbbells.  
We are excited to take on this new challenge and support you during these rapidly changing times.  I’ve already experienced a greater connection to many of you. I believe  this challenge will make us individually and collectively stronger than ever.  Choose to be positive and find joy in each moment.
Justin and the Mission Crossfit Team