Family Challenge – June 26, 2010

We have the last of the pictures posted!!!

A special thanks for all of you who came out and participated!
We hope you enjoy the pictures (thank you Michael Buhrley for the pictures:-) !

Everyone is beginning to show up for the big show-down!

Let’s check out everyone’s game faces…

Whoa boys…it’s just warm-up;-)

Kid Crossfitters demonstrating the exercises for their families…

Time to teach the masses…

3, 2, 1, GO!!!

The smart ones who did the station that was at the start…
wait, isn’t there a limit to how many people in each family
can participate at once? Over excited 🙂

Crossfit is modifiable for everyone–I love the age span in this picture!

Over-head lunges…

400m run… gotta love it!

Boulder Roll…

Boulder pick-up?

Will I ever get there?

Sand bag carry… I think I can, I think I can!

I’ve got this no problem!

Great team work!!!

Did you do all the lateral jumps by yourself?

Ring rows…look at the focus and determination!

Ab mat sit-ups…

I love burpees!

Box jumps/Step-ups…

Over-head lunges…
Great work…keep it up;-)

Ab mat sit-ups…

Bear Crawl…who’s going to win? I have my $ on the little one;-)

Which way are we supposed to be going?

Sand bag carry…how far do I have to go?

I love the little help from the back!

Good form on the drag;-)

Bowling for boulders…

Leap frog…

You can do it!

When all is said and done, there are still some smiles:-)

The crew!

Meet the teams

Now’s time for the real reason people came…the food!

Now there’s a family of super-heroes! Don’t mess with them;-)

Drum-roll please….

The champions’ responses to victory!

Looking good!

The award for winning…free Golden Spoon, yummy!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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