Friday – April 30th, 2010

Live as though you’ll die tomorrow,

learn as though you’ll live forever.

–John Wooden

Everyones favorite part of the workout;-)


5 rounds for time of:
200M Run
7 Thrusters

Post time to comments.

Endurance WOD…


3+ hours after Mission CrossFit WOD or CrossFit Main Site WOD

Choose ONE of The Following Sports:

Maximal Effort Required.

Swim: 500m, add aT-shirt, parachute or Boots & Utes for drag

Bike: 2 mile Hill climb, Remain in the Saddle, push as big of a gear as possible, Cadence to not drop below 60 RPM Incline between 6-12%

Run: 1 mile Hill climb, Incline between 6-12%, Add 10-20lb weighted Vest.

C2: 1500m, Damper setting between 8-10

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