Friday – February 13, 2015 (20150213)

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[tab]Level 1

EMOM 20 Minutes

3 Clean & Jerk,

5 Sit Ups


[tab]Level 2

EMOM 20 Minutes

3 Clean & Jerk, 95/65#

6 Sit Ups


[tab]Level 3

EMOM 20 Minutes

3 Clean & Jerk, 115/80#

7 Sit Ups


[tab]Level 4 Rx

3 Clean & Jerk, 135/95#

8 Sit Ups



The evolution of your personal health and fitness.  When we are just starting our journey to better health simply showing up is half the battle.  Early on we see quick and substantial results.  After some time improvements come more slowly and take greater effort.  This is as good as most people will get.  We become satisfied with where we are and are not willing to put in more effort for such little gain.  At this point we need to evaluate ourselves.  Do we want to reach our full potential?  Are we willing to give our best effort?  Giving our best requires a greater self awareness.  It requires you to keep moving forward when your body tells you to stop and make better food choices. It forces you to be more positive.  It requires that you search inside of yourself and find that inner strength that can only be found through adversity.  It is adding weight to the bar even if it scares you.  In September of 2013 I started doing my Squat Challenge.  I started doing 10 squats every minute for five minutes.  I started at 95#.  Like I mentioned above, gains came quickly in the beginning.  At first as was increasing weight every week.  Then it was every couple of weeks.  Then it was every month.  Mind you that I was doing this 3-4 times a week.  In the past 6 months I’ve only increased a total of 17.5#.  I can no longer just show up and do the weights.  I have to be mentally prepared.  Last week I increased the weight and for the first time failed to complete the reps in the given time. I dropped the weight on the 9th rep of last set.  I was not happy.  Worst of all I began questioning my ability.  This week I’ve been able to twice successfully complete the reps at the new weight.  I get nervous before squat sessions now but it has created a greater self awareness like I mentioned above.  It forces me to be more mentally engaged in everything I do.  Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is worth all the discomfort that comes with it.  Be your best.  Face your fears head on and punch it right in the mouth.  Be awesome.



Day 1, 2 or 3[/tab]


We will keep you at a smooth and steady pace.  The weight on the Clean and Jerk should you allow to do 3 touch and go reps each time.  Focus on good technique.  Keep a steady rhythm on the sit ups.  Use your arms and be efficient.  One minute at a time.  Stay positive.  Stay focused.  [/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

Get more Awesome: Drink 24 ounces of water.

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