Friday- July 12th, 2013

Mission CrossFit is getting Showers.  We have a special membership discount rate as a fundraiser.  We are offering a six month pre-paid membership for $850.  That is a $200 savings over 6 months plus shower privileges.  We have had numerous people take advantage of this offer to dedicate themselves and assist the gym.  I am thankful for their help and will continue the offer thru the original promotion date.
Mission CrossFit “Excellence” T-Shirt is now on Pre-Order Sale.  $15.  The Shirt Order will placed on Monday.  The new design is up in the gym on the announcements board and on Facebook.  Put your order in TODAY!!
 We perform better when we are surrounded by people doing the same or similar task.  Wednesday was an awesome day.  We had over 150 new personal best set.  Wow.  Numerous people set new best in all three lifts.  I was working with one member fresh off the On Ramp Program.  Her first day in the full class.  She lifted #135 on the Deadlift.  She thought 70# would be cool.  She did twice what she thought possible.  Time to raise the bar people (haha).  Set your expectations and goals higher.  You guys are setting personal best at an alarming rate.  Those who have been putting in extra time during the 30 minutes between classes saw even bigger gains.  Another neat story from Wednesday.  Jennifer S. from our morning class got stuck at a deadlift weight.  Coach Jeff determined to see her succeed had her do just one more attempt.  As she attempted the lift he placed his hand under the bar as though he was assisting her.  Jennifer reported to me that she was able to do the lift when she had failed to even get the bar off the ground on other attempts.  Even though Coach Jeff was not helping she felt as though he was and she moved the weight successfully.  This demonstrates the power of the mind and the positive effect it has to be there supporting one another.  I saw lots of great positive reinforcement on Wednesday which I believe contributed greatly to all the good numbers we saw people putting up.  Lots of exciting and motivating things happening at Mission CrossFit.  Thank you all for your hard work.
Handstands or Pull Ups.  Fundamental movements to become awesome.  Be awesome.
Workout Strategy
Smooth and Steady.  There are few people that can just go all out on this workout.  They key is to focus on good technique.  Find a tempo and stay on pace.  For example: 1 every 15 seconds.  This will allow you to finish in under 7:30.  No one should finish under 3 minutes unless your doing the full Level 4 weight.  It should be a weight that is challenging yet you can do with proper form.  Your last repetition should look as good if not better than your first.   
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day Handstands or Pull Ups
Level 1: For Time 

30 Snatches

Level 2: For Time 

30 Snatches, 75/55#

Level 3: For Time 


30 Snatches, 95/75#

Level 4: For Time


30 Snatches, 135/95#

Get More Awesome- 400 meter sprint

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