Friday – June 13th, 2014

Saturday June 14th
Mountain Challenge
Arrive at 7:30 am Starts at 8:00
Concourse Park
18839 Saddleback Ranch Rd.
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
This will be a 5k walk and run on the trails of Whiting Ranch.  There will be a few stations where you will have to complete a task before moving on.  This will be a fun weekend event.  The whole family is invited.  Sign up on the Events board in the gym.
Friday June 27th
Member Recognition Night
5:30 PM
 On Thursday I just took delivery of our new Fang 18C Floor Scrubber.  It may seem silly to some but I have always taken great pride in how clean Mission CrossFit is.  If you have been to other CrossFit gyms then you may also appreciate our cleanliness as much as I do.  The new floor scrubber will greatly aid in keeping our floors clean.  Yeah Burpees. The very nature of the black rubber flooring makes it impossible not to leave some black marks on our hands or knees but the scrubber will ensure that the floor remains properly disinfected.  Buying a floor scrubber may not seem like a big deal to big corporations but to have our small business in a financial position to allow for such a purchase makes me happy.  As Mission CrossFit Membership grows it allows for me to continue to put money back into the gym to get it where I have dreamed it would be.  Thanks for being a part or our Dream.
Consistency and dedication is what builds lasting strength.   Be patient people.  It works.
Workout Strategy
Today we will see how good your overhead squat is.  Positioning and shoulder stability will be taxed today.  After the strength of the day you will already be feeling the love you gave to your legs and shoulders.  The pull ups will effect your overhead ability.  Overhead squats are difficult to do if you are to out of breath.  Today you are allowed to pace the run in order to minimize the time spent on the pull ups and overhead squats.  Stay smooth and consistent.  Going to fast the first round or doing to many pull ups or Overhead Squats could slow you down dramatically the 2nd or 3rd round.  Steady and consistent more than ever today.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Day 1, 2, or 3
Level 1:3 Rounds for time:


400 meter run

20 Ring Rows

20 Overhead Squats


Level 2:  3 Rounds for time:


400 meter run

7 Pull Ups

20 Overhead Squats, 45/35#


Level 33 Rounds for time:


400 meter run

15 Pull Ups

20 Overhead Squats, 65/45#

Level 4: 3 Rounds for time:


400 meter run

20 Pull Ups

20 Overhead Squats, 95/65#

 *Less than 11 minutes

To Get More Awesome –  500 meter row

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