Friday – March 26th, 2010

“The courageous struggle for a noble cause
is success in itself.”
– John Wooden, legendary American basketball player and coach (b. 1910)

Unlimited possibilities of where and when you can do CrossFit!
I want to welcome three new athletes… Dan, Emma and Meredith! We are so excited to have you joy our Mission CrossFit family! Keep working hard and having FUN:-)


7 min. AMRAP
7 Kettlebell Swings
15m Run (sprint)
7 Burpees
15m Run (sprint)
Post # of rounds and weight to comments.
Endurance WOD…


3+ hours after Mission CrossFit WOD or CrossFit Main Site WOD

Choose ONE of The Following Sports:

Swim, Bike, Run, C2

Maximal Effort Required!

Swim: 500m, add aT-shirt, parachute or Boots & Utes for drag, 1st 250m, with pull paddles, 2nd, without paddles.

Bike: 1 mile Hill climb, Remain out of the Saddle for the entire climb,Incline between 6-12%

Run: 1 mile Hill climb, Incline between 6-12%. First 1/2mile, Run backwards,2nd 1/2 mileRun Forward.

C2: 2000m, Damper setting between 5-8, Turn hands under, Palms up.

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