Friday – March 8th, 2013

“Fran” is the most famous of the Bench Mark Girls workouts in CrossFit.  For many just completing the workout is a big accomplishment.  There are 45 Thrusters and 45 Pull Ups.  Most of you will have to scale the workout by  lowering the weight on the Thruster, limiting the pull ups  (example (9-6-3)), or a combination of both.  The idea is to challenge yourself.  For those who can complete Fran we have given some times which will place you in one of our Mission CrossFit levels.  Good luck and have fun.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Deadlift: 10 minutes to establish a 3 rep max
Level 1:  21-15-9




Ring Rows / Pull Ups





Level 2:“Fran”21-15-9

Thruster, 95/65#


*Over 7 minutes




Level 3:  



Thruster, 95/65#


*Under 7 minutes



Level 4:

“Fran”21-15-9Thruster, 95/65#


*Under 4 minutes


To Get More Awesome – 22 Jump Switch Lunges

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