Friday – May 24th, 2013

Two things I hear that people want from CrossFit is better cardio and more strength.  Tuesday had running (cardio day) and Thursday had Front Squats (strength).  Our attendance on both days was way lower than average.  I am hoping it was because Monday and Wednesday’s were difficult sprint style workouts.  Please don’t avoid cardio and strength based days.  Even if you are sore come in and get through the warm up.  Go 80% on the workout rather than missing the day completely.  Active rest days are better than nothing, especially when you are really sore.  This is not meant to have a negative tone at all.  I’ve been extremely impressed with the work effort in the gym.  We have seen some outstanding performances on all four days.  People have been doing more pull ups, getting first muscles ups, running faster, and squatting heavier then they ever have before.  Allow yourself to be awesome.  Today, I created a barrier that didn’t really exist.  For the Front Squats I watched others struggle at a weight I was hoping to do (185#).  They are stronger than I am.  I settled for starting at a lower weight but finished at 210# for 10 reps and did three sets over the 185# Level four requirements.  I was very happy with my end number yet had to settle for Level 3 because of my starting weight.  Good learning day for me.  Even though I talk so much about believing in yourself and not creating self imposed barriers, I was guilty of that very thing today.  So for today, grab your sledgehammer and knock down those barriers.  Raise your own level of expectation and do something incredible.
 I know you have missed doing cleans.  I know I do.  Technique is getting way better for all of you.  Keep focus on proper movement and challenge yourself with some heavier than normal weight.
Workout Strategy
 I want three rounds today.  It won’t be easy but you can do it.  None of these movements are very fast so overall intensity will be lower.  Just find a steady pace and keep moving.  Pop those hips straight up at the top of the lunges.  The push ups were the hardest part for me.  The jump rope is the rest portion.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                             Hang Power Clean: 5 every minute for 10 minutes
Level 1 


10 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible


6 Pike or Push Ups

30 Barbell Walking Lunges (Front Rack)

60 Jump Rope

Level 2 


10 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible 


6 Hand Stand Push Ups (Ab Mats under head)

30 Barbell Walking Lunges (Front Rack) 45/22#

60 Jump Rope

Level 3

10 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible


6 Hand Stand Push Ups (to the floor)

30 Barbell Walking Lunges (Front Rack) 55/35#

30 Double Unders

Level 4 10 Minute As Many Rounds As Possible


6 Paralette Hand Stand Push Ups (6″/4″ deficit)

30 Barbell Walking Lunges (Front Rack) 75/55#

60 Double Unders

Get more awesome: 2 minutes of Frog Stand

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