Friday – May 31st, 2013

New Schedule.  Please look at the new schedule which is posted on this site under Schedule.  There are changes to both the Morning and Evening class times.  This new schedule is an attempt to provide you with a better workout experience.  With start times now 90 minutes a part we will be able to provide you with more focused attention and coaching.  We won’t have different classes fighting for gym space.  You will have more time to work on your goals and mobility.  You will have a better opportunity to get awesome.  We are also adding a Noon class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If we have enough interest in a Tuesday and Thursday Noon class we will add that as well.
Coach Dan’s going away party is this Saturday at Concourse Park .  Dan has accepted a position at Concordia University in Irvine to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams.  He will also be returning to school there to obtain his Masters.  This is an exciting opportunity for Dan as he will be the first Strength and Conditioning coach at the University.  We hope he can build a program that all the teams will utilize.  Dan started out as an athlete with me in the garage days of Mission CrossFit.  He has been a vital part of Mission CrossFit and he will be missed.  Please come attend the BBQ potluck at 10:00 AM.  Bring something healthy and awesome to share with others.    This is in conjunction with the Forces of Nature Trail Run which begins at 8:00 AM



Creating good environments for our kids to succeed.  The saddest thing for me to see is a child with no confidence.  So worried about what others will think that they are afraid to try.  Are we creating an environment for our children to succeed?  Are we creating an environment for ourselves to succeed?  What can we do to help others and ourselves?  On Tuesday in our kids class we had two new participants (brothers).  One of them is an 11 year old who you could instantly tell was nervous and uncomfortable.  His Mother explained to me that he has become very self conscious of his weight and lack of strength.  I know his parents and they are very supportive and loving.  So the question for me is where is the negativity coming from?  I think our society is largely negative.  We are quick to tell people what we don’t like.  Quick to point out the differences of why something is worse then then the other.  We do this without even recognizing the beauty of either.  I believe that this works into our subconscious and we are then afraid to make a mistake or not appear like everyone else.  When I teach the kids class I make it a point to keep things positive.  Instead of telling a child that they are doing it wrong, I show them how to do it right.  I give praise to those that are doing well and those that are trying to improve.  I’m especially mindful of those who struggle and I look for any improvement to praise.  They are verbally rewarded by following directions and trying.  I try not to give any of the kids negative attention.  After an hour long class of hard work and positive reinforcement all the kids raised both hands to express that they had a great time.  The brothers who tried out the class will be back. The 11 year old left with his head high and a smile on his face. 

 I want this to be more of a skill work.  Find a weight that is moderately heavy that will allow you to work on being explosive but maintain really good technique.  Things to think about going into today’s strength/skill.  Keep your knees back and bar as close to your body as possible throughout the movement.  Keep your arms locked and upper body tight all the way through the shrug.  Fast elbows and meet the bar.
Workout Strategy
 The Deadlift for today is supposed to be heavy.  The box jump is supposed to be high.  Challenge yourself.  Make sure each repetition is done as efficiently as possible. There are a lot of reps so think about breaking them up into small manageable sets.  Keep the bar as close to your body as possible.  Keep your knees and butt back.  Keep a good back position.  Because this is a heavy deadlift day I know that your lower back is going to be sore over the weekend.  Knowing that, let us do our best to recover.  Ice your back a couple of times during the day.  Stay active to remain loose.  Drink a lot of water and eat good meals.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                             Power Clean: 5 every minute for 10 minutes
Level 1:




Box Jump, 20″/16″

Level 2:



Deadlift, 155/105#

Box Jump, 24”/20″

Level 3:



Deadlift, 225/155#

Box Jump,30″/24″

Level 4:



Deadlift, 315/225#

Box Jump, 30″/24″

Get Awesome: 2 minute plank hold

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