Friday – May 9th, 2014

 Did you see the speech given my Kevin Durant when he won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award?  One of the most humble speeches I have seen in a long time.  He acknowledges his teammates individually by name and even has a heartfelt thanks to a new teammate that just joined the team at the trade deadline a few months ago.  He finishes last by recognizing his mother.  He did a wonderful job of describing his mother and her sacrifice and commitment to her boys.  She was a single mom that gave her life to raising her boys.  Like Kevin my own mother was a single mom who raised three kids by putting her personal life on hold to raise her children.  So, I can relate to Kevin’s experience.  Like Kevin our Mother’s are the reason we are successful today.  I hope you are ready to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday.  It’s the toughest job on the planet and so many do such a wonderful job at it.  I am grateful that my kids have a wonderful mother.  I am also grateful that my kids get to have both their Grandmothers near by.  I am truly lucky to have such amazing women in my life.  Take time to reach out to your mom or other important women that have enriched your life.  
So I wrote the above paragraph Thursday morning.  Then I took my own advice.  My family moved to California from Hawaii in the middle of 5th grade.  By the middle of 6th grade my parents got divorced.  A tough enough time in life  for a 12 year old boy.  Fortunately, my best friend (Tyler) lived right next door.  I spent a lot of time with him and his family all through our high school years.  Tyler was a year older than me but when he was off at college his first year I would still go to his house for lunch.  His mom used to cut out newspaper clippings of our high school sports achievements and put them on their fridge.  Mine would go right next to her own kids.  Well, times have changed.  Tyler went to Chico for college and never came back.  His sister went to college in Colorado and never came back.  His parents then moved out to Murrieta.    Sadly his parents divorced about two years ago after over 30 years of marriage.  The last two years have been tremendously tough for her.  Well, today I called Mrs. Schrock to wish her a Happy Mothers Day.  We talked for nearly 15 minutes.  I thanked her for treating me like one of her own.  I expressed to her that she played a key role in my life and is a big reason why I am who I am today.  It was a tender moment and one that brought back so many happy memories.  Life has it’s ups and downs and people need to be reminded how important they are to us.  Let someone know.
Day 1, 2, or 3
Workout Strategy
Today’s focus is more on technique than speed.  Try to have two distinct fluid movements.  Stay on a steady pace.  3-5 repetitions every 30 seconds.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Day 1, 2, or 3
Level 1: 


50 Clean & Jerk

Level 2: 


50 Clean & Jerk, 65/45#

Level 3: 


50 Clean & Jerk, 95/65#

Level 4: 


50 Clean & Jerk, 135/95#

To Get More Awesome – 3 minutes of Plank Hold

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