Friday -November 20th, 2009

Todays WOD is going to take all of us
…plus a couple more!

Team Challenge Surprise

If you are unable to come to class, go ahead and do the “filthy fifty” WOD
from CrossFit Main site.
Endurance Workout…

Choose ONE of The Following Sports:

90% of best time for the set distance.

Swim: 600m Tempo 90%

Bike: 12 mile Tempo 90%

Run: 5k Tempo 90%

C2: 4k Tempo 90%

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Monday November 18, 2019 (20191118)

Start and Replace all the Text Below Level 1 14 Minute AMRAP 20 Alt. Split Snatch 20 Knee Raises 20 Z Press Level 2 14