Friday – September 27th, 2013

 The Memorial Service for Fallen Laguna Beach Police Officer Jon Coutchie will me held this morning at 11:00 AM at Mariners Church in Irvine.  Officer Coutchie was killed late Saturday night when his Police Motorcycle collided with a pick up truck on Pacific Coast Highway at Cleo Street.  Officer Coutchie was 41 years old and a nine year veteran of the US Army having served in both Iraq and Afghanastan.  He spent four year as a Police Officer for Laguna Beach.  This incident hits close to home as we have two of our members who are Laguna Beach Police Officers and were good friends with Jon.  We have nearly a dozen Police Officers who train in the gym and serve various cities from L.A. to our own Mission Viejo.  This is a sad reminder of the dangers our Officers face on a daily basis.  While I did not know Jon I have known many men and women like him.  He used his life to serve others in a capacity few of us can understand.  He served in the Military and as a Police Officer with the ideals that he could make a difference.  That he could keep the dangers so far from our doorstep that we are not even aware of them.  Take a moment to appreciate the great country that we live in and for those who answer the call, who rush towards the danger while others run away.
 Jump rope is a great cardiovascular, agility, balance, and coordination drill.  Ladies, plan accordingly.
Workout Strategy
This workout takes a lot of strategy.  You start each minute with 3 or 5 Burpees.  The remainder of the minute you do thrusters and rest.  I add the rest in there because you need to start this workout smart.  Completing 5 thrusters each minute will ensure that you finish in 15 minutes.  We have done this before and have seen people start out with 15 – 20 thrusters and have the workout take them over 20 minutes.  We can use today to determine our muscular endurance.  Go at a pace you know you can maintain.  You wouldn’t start a marathon by running the first mile as fast as you can.  I would rather you start to slow than to fast.  The goal is to finish strong.  Be smooth on both the Thrusters and Burpees.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                5 minutes of jump rope practice.
Level 1: 

50 thrusters for time with 3 burpees EMOM

Level 2:
75 thrusters for time with 3 burpees EMOM
Level 3: 


100 thrusters for time with 5 burpees EMOM 95/75#

Level 4: 


100 thrusters for time with 5 burpees EMOM 135/83#

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