Class Times – Effective December 12th, 2019

Adult/Teen Classes

5:30 AMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit 
6:30 AMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit 
8:30 AMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit 
      9:00 AM CrossFit 
9-12:00Open Gym Open GymOpen GymOpen GymOpen Gym 
4:00 PMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit 
5:30 PMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit 
7:00 PMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit  

*On Ramp Courses can be scheduled at your convenience during any of the Adult CrossFit Courses.

Kid’s Classes

4:00-4:55 PM5-12 years5-12 years5-12 years5-12 years  
5:00-5:55 PM5-12 years5-12 years5-12 years5-12 years  
6:00-6:55 PM5-12 years5-12 years5-12 years5-12 years  
Kids5-1255 min
Adult13 and Up60 min

**Depending on maturity and ability, some kids will move up to an older course at an earlier age. Our Trainers will make these decisions, when opportunities arise


Open Gym Hours

Monday – Friday: 9AM-12PM