Jenna DiPasquale – August ’12 Athlete of the Month

Jenna has become what one would call a “crossfit addict” she has been working out with us at Mission CrossFit for about a year and a half now. Everything Jenna does now revolves around CrossFit. She put it the best way, “It changed my life…and now I’m a lifer”. Jenna started after seeing a friend get into it seven years ago and noticing that she never looked so good. So once Jenna’s 2 kids were old enough she found her way to Mission CrossFit and has not looked back ever since. To go along with her whole life changing, she feels that she is both physically and mentally in the best shape since her college years. She is happier, has more energy, having more fun than ever in her life and believes she is a better mom because of CrossFit. Since starting CrossFit she has all new friends, people that are like her and they will continue to be friends for life. It is almost like she has been reborn back into her life, back to where she used to be.

Here’s Jenna, when she started at Mission CrossFit.

When it comes to WOD’s and movements Jenna enjoys anything that is short and powerful. Favorite movement would be the Clean and Jerk or anything overhead. On the other side of things she dislikes both rowing and deadlift, she never feels like she lifts what she’s capable of. Jenna’s goals when she started CrossFit were to make it in 2 days a week and to get in better overall shape. Since farseeing these original goals Jenna now comes 5 days a week on a regular basis and has changed her goals to maintaining her current fitness level and to not get hurt. In one line Jenna wants to get faster, stronger, and to feel younger. A lot of members know Jenna but not everyone knows that she recently passed her level 1 CrossFit certification. One last unique thing about Jenna that not a lot of people know is that she was a collegiate runner and still holds a school record for the 400m with a time of 58 seconds.

Here’s Jenna Today.


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