Monday – April 5th, 2010

“People of character do the right thing even if no one else is,

not because they think it will change the world,

but because they refuse to be changed by the world.”?

– Michael Josephson

Happy Birthday Justin!
6 min running clock:
800m Run
Then complete AMRAP of Over-head squat (115/75)
Endurance WOD…


3+ Hours After Mission CrossFit WOD

Choose ONE of the following Sports.

“If you normally Run or Swim, Choose C2”.

Bike and C2 ONLY!

Bike: 10 Rounds: Ride your body weight in Watts for 1min, at the 1min limit, Sprint for 10 sec to reach Maximal wattage. Rest 2min between Rounds. “Computrainer, Power Tap or Erg to measure for accurate readings”.

C2: 10 Rounds: Row your body weight in watts for 1min, at the 1min limit pull 8 strokes as hard as possible to attain Maximal wattage, Rest 2min between Rounds.

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