Monday – December 2nd, 2013

Mission CrossFit Holiday Party
Starts at 6:00 PM.  This will be a potluck.  We will be providing the main protein course.  Please sign up for a dish to bring.  Friends and Family are welcome to attend.  This is kid friendly and you are encouraged to bring the whole gang.
Take a deep breath this Holiday Season.  Remember that this time of the year is very difficult for a lot of people.  While the Holidays are a time to spend with our loved ones it is that reminder that many people suffer and grieve for those they have lost.  During my time as a Police Officer I really started to dislike this time of year.  Not because I spent most of my Thanksgiving and Christmas days working and away from my family, but because I had to see the grief and heartache that so many suffer this time of year.  Suicides go up, DUI related fatalities rise, and many families struggle to provide for their families.  I hope all of you cherish your time with your friends and family.  I encourage all of you to take a moment and look around you.  There are opportunities to serve people that you come in contact with everyday.  Get involved, be an active part a bringing joy to the lives of others.  There is no better lesson we can teach our kids or activity we can do with our family that is greater than finding and helping someone in need.  Let us make this a memorable holiday.
Now is the time in our Strength cycle to decrease the weight about 25% and focus on improving technique.  Lower weights means we can pull ourselves down lower in the squat and maintain a better back position.  This improvement in our squats is awesome.  We have seen a very noticeable difference in the overall quality of squats in the gym.  We are getting there, but it takes consistent work.
 Workout Strategy
“Chelsea” is one of CrossFit’s benchmark workouts.  She is “Cindy’s” forgotten older sister.  There is a lot of volume in this workout so the difficulty of the repetition scheme should be on the easier side (at the beginning).  You have 60 seconds to complete each round.  That gives you 20 seconds per exercise.  The pull ups / Ring rows should be the faster of the movements meaning it won’t take you 20 seconds which will give you added time where you may need it.  The push ups is what tends to catch people so break them up from the start.  Try 3 every 10 seconds.  Then stay steady on the squats.  I love the simplicity of this workout.  “Chelsea” is a humble reminder of the importance of body weight (gymnastic) movements as a measure of fitness.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Day 1:  10 Reps EMOM Front Squat            10 Reps EMOM Push Press
Level 1:  

EMOM for 20 Minutes


3 Ring Rows


6 Elevated Push Ups


9 Squats


Level 2: EMOM for 30 Minutes

2/1 Pull Ups

6 Push Ups / Elevated Push ups

9 Squats


Level 3:EMOM for 30 Minutes

4 Pull Ups

8 Push Ups

12 Squats


Level 4:“Chelsea”

EMOM for 30 minutes

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

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