Monday – February 3rd, 2014

My oldest daughter, Morgan, is in the sixth grade this year and has a few exciting camps coming up this spring and summer.  She will get to attend science camp with all the sixth graders from her school and then a church camp with girls her age.  A few months ago now she came up with the idea of raising the money herself to pay for the camps.  Morgan like to crochet.  She has been making scarfs that she hopes to sell.  You may have seen these in the gym on the shelf above the check-in tablet.  Probably traumatized as a child doing school fundraisers, I have a difficult time announcing that the scarfs are for sale.  Morgan deserves more of my support on this one.  She decided on her own that she wanted to raise money for her camps.  She used her own money to purchase the yarn and is dedicating a lot of her time to making the scarfs.  She is learning how to keep track of her spending and earnings.  I am impressed by her desire to earn her own way to camp.  As her Father I am very proud of her commitment to the project.  If you are interested in supporting Morgan and getting a very nice scarf then please take a second to look at the scarfs next time you check in to class.  She is selling them for $20.  
 Strength takes time and commitment.  Since we have cleans in the workout today, those of you doing Squat Cleans for Day 1 strength may want to revisit Front Squats for today.  Keep track of the weights you are using each day and remember to try and increase the weight each week.  During maximal efforts in weightlifting it is crucial that your technique be really good.  The ability to accomplish the lift at heavy weight has more to do with technique than strength.  Keep trying to improve your technique.  I have a noticed a big difference in your ability to squat.  Weights and technique have greatly improved.  These gains also positively effect many other movements that we do.  Stay focused and determined during the strength portion.  This is the training part of the class.  Remember, we “train” to improve in a specific area.  Our “workout of the day” is a general physical preparedness program. 
Workout Strategy
 “Elizabeth” is a CrossFit benchmark workout that generally calls for “Cleans.”  Since “Cleans” are supposed to include the squat and we like to set standards we call this one Power Elizabeth which clarifies the clean to be a power clean.  Ring Dips will be the limiting movement on this exercise for most people.  Since this is a benchmark workout I want you to pick the level that will be the most challenging, that you can still complete in less than 12 minutes.  Top times for this workout are sub 5 minutes.  Figure out a strategy that will allow you to stay fresh on the dips.  We want full range of motion on the dips.  Most athletes will have to break up the power cleans as well so if you can do 21 straight, the weight is probably not heavy enough.  Make sure you use the hook grip to save your grip from failing later in the workout.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Day 1 & Press
 Level 1:21-15-9

Power Clean

Box Dips

Level 221-15-9

Power Clean, 95/65#

Bar Dips 

Level 3:21-15-9

Power Clean, 115/75#

Ring Dips

Level 4: “Power Elizabeth”


Power Clean, 135/95#

Ring Dips

Get more awesome: 33 Lunges

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