Monday – February 26, 2018 (20180226)

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[tab]Level 1



Box jumps

90 jump rope


[tab]Level 2


Thrusters 65/42

Box jumps 16″

10  Double unders


[tab]Level 3


Thrusters 75/53

Box jumps 20/16

30 Double unders


[tab]Level 4 Rx


Thrusters 95/65

Box jumps 24/20

30 Double unders



I was very proud of how we did on the open workout on Friday, and I saw some people working a lot harder than they normally do. Imagine how good of shape you’d be in if you worked that hard every day!

Today’s workout is pretty straight forward, pick a weight that you can keep moving with.



Clean and Jerk 1RM

1 EMOM for 10 mins @90%

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Mobility:  Couch stretch 4 mins/side


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