Monday – July 21st, 2014

On Saturday morning I took Daniel mountain biking at Whiting Ranch and then we went to the gym for open gym time.  When I got back home I walked around the side yard into the back yard.  This is where I found Dallin throwing a stick into the ground.  He looked visibly upset.  When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I don’t know what to do.”  “About what?” I asked. Dallin told me, ” I want to start a business so I can make money.”  I chuckled and asked him what he needed money for.  He said he wanted to make money so he could go on a church mission when he got older.  Still upset Dallin continued to tell me that Daniel was making money by working at the gym and Morgan was making money babysitting.  He said he wanted to make money but didn’t know what to do.  Dallin has been our most calculated child.  He listens well and tries to understand what is being said.  His actions and replies are often very thoughtful.  This discussion has come up before.  In the past he has talked about asking our neighbors for the plastic bottles, cans, and bottles that he could take to the recycle center to earn money.  I told him making money is hard work but I would help him if he was willing to work hard.  
Our next door neighbor John was out front when I had arrived home.  Dallin and I walked next door and we talked to John about what Dallin wanted to do.  John was very responsive and wanted to help Dallin.  John said he just puts his recyclables in the receptacle for the trash company to pick and would love to help Dallin earn some money.  John told Dallin he would set aside their recyclable goods and even collect some from his work that Dallin could pick up on Tuesdays (before our trash day).  The plan is to contact more neighbors and see if they would be willing to set aside their recyclable goods for Dallin to pick up on Tuesday.  Dallin will separate the different goods and keep track of how many bottles he has collected.  It is my hope that this business venture will give him a lot of practical applications to real math and accounting skills as well as responsibility.  Another way I would like to help Dallin succeed is by asking you to also help.  We will be putting out some blue recycle trash cans that you can leave plastic bottles, cans, or glass bottles in.  Dallin will be responsible for collecting these goods and record his earnings.  Will you help?
Now is the time in our Strength cycle to decrease the weight about 25% and focus on improving technique.  Lower weights means we can pull ourselves down lower in the squat and maintain a better back position.  This improvement in our squats is awesome.  We have seen a very noticeable difference in the overall quality of squats in the gym.  We are getting there, but it takes consistent work.
 Workout Strategy
“Chelsea” is one of CrossFit’s benchmark workouts.  She is “Cindy’s” forgotten older sister.  There is a lot of volume in this workout so the difficulty of the repetition scheme should be on the easier side (at the beginning).  You have 60 seconds to complete each round.  That gives you 20 seconds per exercise.  The pull ups / Ring rows should be the faster of the movements meaning it won’t take you 20 seconds which will give you added time where you may need it.  The push ups is what tends to catch people so break them up from the start.  Try 3 every 10 seconds.  Then stay steady on the squats.  I love the simplicity of this workout.  “Chelsea” is a humble reminder of the importance of body weight (gymnastic) movements as a measure of fitness.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Day 1:  Front Squat
Level 1:  

EMOM for 20 Minutes

3 Ring Rows

6 Elevated Push Ups

9 Squats


Level 2:  

EMOM for 30 Minutes

2/1 Pull Ups

6 Push Ups / Elevated Push ups

9 Squats


Level 3: 

EMOM for 30 Minutes

4 Pull Ups

8 Push Ups

12 Squats


Level 4: 


EMOM for 30 minutes

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

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