Monday – June 30th, 2014

Friday is the 4th of July.  We will have one morning class to do a Hero Workout in honor of the Holiday.
Friday’s Member Appreciation Night and Farewell to Darian went really well.  We had a great turnout.  We had the honor of recognizing numerous Mission CrossFit Athletes who achieved the 100 and 250 workout milestones.  For the first time ever we got to honor someone for 500 workouts.  Mr. Jim “Ironman” Whitesides was presented with a plaque and his gold Mission CrossFit challenge coin.  It was also a very emotional evening for Darian as we said farewell and good luck.  I think he was a overwhelmed by the show of support.  This was a great display of an amazing community we have and how much we mean to one another.  Darian has been coaching here for less than a year and yet he was sent off like a long time friend and family member.  Many of us have had jobs and careers where we have left a company and did not get anywhere close to the support Darian received Friday night.  Thank you Darian for you dedication to Mission CrossFit and thank all of you for making Mission CrossFit such an amazing place.
Front Squat 
 Workout Strategy
 We will keep you at a smooth and steady pace.  The weight on the Clean and Jerk should you allow to do 3 touch and go reps each time.  Focus on good technique.  Keep a steady rhythm on the sit ups.  Use your arms and be efficient.  One minute at a time.  Stay positive.  Stay focused.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Day 1
Level 1:


EMOM 20 Minutes

3 Clean & Jerk, 

5 Sit Ups

Level 2: 


EMOM 20 Minutes

3 Clean & Jerk, 95/65#

6 Sit Ups

Level 3:


EMOM 20 Minutes

3 Clean & Jerk, 115/80#

7 Sit Ups

Level 4:


EMOM 20 Minutes

3 Clean & Jerk, 135/95#

8 Sit Ups

Get more awesome: Drink 24 ounces of water.

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