Monday – October 20th, 2014

 Today is the start of a new week.  Let us start the week by setting a few small goals.  Make the goals easily obtainable.  Once we gain some momentum accomplishing other tasks will be easier.  Stay busy and focused.  Getting started is the hardest part.  Once you get going just keep moving.  Be positive and look for ways to help others.  Allow others to help you.  Let us remember how precious life is and make this an amazing week.
Day 1
Workout Strategy
The more you understand the better you can plan.  Today’s workout is based on a low weight high total volume.  Many will look at the 135# level 3 and 4 weight and immediately think, I can do a higher level today.  We need to take a closer look.  It may only be 135# but there is 150/100 reps total.  This workout has twice the total volume (weight moved) then does 21-15-9 of 225# deadlift.  So pick a level that you typically do and stick with that.  Today is not the day to try and go up a level.  It will negatively effect the rest of your training week if you pick to hard a level.  Once we have a level selected we can look at strategy to complete the workout.  Each deadlift takes approximately 2 seconds (20-30 seconds total).  Push ups take the same amount of time (20-30 seconds).  Take a 15-20 second rest between/during each round.  What I mean by during is that if your push ups are limiting, do 5 take 10 seconds and do another 5 then rest another 10 seconds before starting your next round of deadlift.  The pace may feel very slow at the beginning but remember today’s workout is high volume so we are trying to delay the inevitable fatigue.  I did this workout at a pace of 72 seconds per round.  This put me on pace to complete the workout in 12 minutes.  I finished at 11 minutes 46 seconds.  I want everyone to complete the workout in 10 – 15 minutes.  Find a pace and stick to it.  You will not feel the same type of fatigue that we generally feel post workout.  The fatigue will settle in later.  This is a workout that will extend to your recovery later in the day.  Drinking a lot of water and icing the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings will be important to recovery.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day Front Squat
Level 1:

10 Rounds:

10 Deadlift, 75/53#10

Elevated Push Ups

*(Total volume of Deadlift is 7,500#/5,300#)

Level 2:

10 Rounds:

10 Deadlift, 95/65#

10 Push Ups / Elevated Push Ups

*(Total volume of Deadlift is 9,500#/6,500#)

Level 3:


10 Rounds:

10 Deadlift, 135/95#

10 Push Ups

*(Total volume of Deadlift is 13,500#/9,500#)

Level 4: 

10 Rounds:

15 Deadlift, 135/95#

15 Push Ups

*(Total volume of Deadlift is 20,250# / 14,250#)

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