Monday-September 14th, 2009

Diane-mute video

21-15-9 reps of:

Deadlift (scale weight as suggested below, reccomended 155-185lb)

Handstand push-ups (modify to ability)

Deadlift video

Handstand push-up videomute video

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“CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. We were talking about intensity today at the Brand X Health and Fitness Challenge. Intensity is where we get the best adaption. Intensity is what sets us apart from other strength and conditioning programs. Intensity can be measured by our power output. Power is defined as force times distance divided by time and is written, P = F X D/ T. You are the engine that provides the power. Long slow workouts have a low power output. They are not intense. Short, furiously paced workouts have a high power output. Guess what, when you stomp on the gas pedal and tell your body to produce more power it is uncomfortable, painful even. How much of that discomfort you can handle will be directly related to how much intensity you can bring to the workout. Now its fine to occasionally move through one of the named WODs slowly at the required weight. But the CrossFit Girls are not just about moving the Rx’d weight they are about moving the required weight, over the proscribed range of motion efficiently, effectively, safely, and FAST. That my friends is a CrossFit workout as Rx’d. Diane at 15 minutes has missed the point. Fran at 12 minutes with 95 pounds has missed the point. The posts should probably read “I did the required weight for this workout really, really slowly with little metabolic impact.“ Pursue discomfort. Scale the WOD’s so that the pursuit is a sprint, headlong, lungs gasping, heart hammering, muscle quaking, vision blurring. That’s where you will find the Girl as Rx’d.

Today we are doing Diane. Diane at a good clip is an under 6:00 workout. A great time is under 4:00. World class is under 2:00. “

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