Monday – September 1st, 2014

We are only open for the 8:00 am Class today.
On Saturday morning we had a small group from the gym meet at Aliso Wood Canyon for our training run / walk.  There were a few groups that decided on their various distances.  Myself, Lyman, and Mark decided we would run to the Top of World.  This may have been a lofty goal considering the longest run I have done this year is probably 4 miles.  The run to the Top of World is about 9.5 miles round trip.  Just shy of the four mile mark and at the top of the Mathis trail I decided we had gone far enough.  This was a good point to turn around.  My basis for this was out of self preservation.  My left ankle was sore and the arch of my right foot was on fire.  Mark made an interesting comment to me that went something like, “Aren’t you always the one telling us to push through and finish what we started.”  My reply was rather short and went something like, “You need to know your limitations.”  On the run back to where we started, I thought a lot about the comment and my reply.  I am not one that normally gives up on a workout.  Did I just give up on this one?  In the past I have pushed through pain and finished workouts that resulted in some sort of injury.  This is a fine line.  We need to know that we are capable of pushing through discomfort or pain because real life situations may require us to do so.  But then there is making a mature decision in a workout and knowing when injury is likely to happen and when we need to put our ego aside.  The incline of the trail we were climbing put a lot of stain on our arches and calves.  Do I believe I could have made it to Top of theWorld.  Yes, I know I could have.  But the potential for injury was more than I was willing to risk for this run.  I know the difference between being uncomfortable and real pain.  I make myself uncomfortable every time I workout.  I know I can and will push through the pain when it is necessary because I have prepared myself mentally to do so.  How well do you know yourself?  What type of efforts do you consistently put out.  Do you know when you can push harder and when you should back off.  Remember, we use CrossFit to train ourselves physically and mentally.
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It will be a fun Holiday Workout but you will have to come and see what it is.
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