Warm Up

Warm Up:

Running Prep

3 Rounds:

100 Jump Rope

10 Push Ups

20 Lunges

10 Ring Rows

20 Squats



10 High Knee Pulls

10 Quad Pulls

10 Inside Foot Pulls

10/10 High Leg Swings

2 Inchworms




Run, Walk, Row, Ruck*

*backpack with books or other weight.

Kids WOD


Run, Walk, Ruck*, Bike

*backpack with books or other weight




Submit your score on the WeTime App.

1) 3 Min of Burpees 

  2) Wall Squat Hold

3) 10 Deadlift EMOM

4) 10 Back Squat EMOM

5) Pull Up Grip Bar Hang for time

6) Max Set Unbroken Double Unders

Daily Strength

More mobility

Mobility Flow – Stay Mobile Stay Strong

2 Rounds:

1) Spider Lunge with a twist


2) 5 Hamstring (straighten and bend front leg)

both legs

3) Quadraped position reach throughs 5/5

4) Childs Pose

5) 3/3 Scorpions

6) Cobra

7) Downward Dog

8) Inchworm


Daily Motivation

I hope your adapting to the new format.  

If you haven’t already be sure to do the following:

  1. Download the WeTime app to your smart phone.  
  2. Create a log in
  3. Search Mission CrossFit 
  4. Follow Mission CrossFit (upper right corner)
  5. “Timers” are what the call the different workouts or Challenges
  6. Update your profile.  Add a picture
  7. Select a challenge to complete and input your score
  8. Check out the leaderboard
  9. Share with family and friends