Saturday-November 28th, 2009

“Those who say you can’t, you won’t…
if you say you can or you say you can’t,
you are RIGHT!”
Does anyone recognize this character? You better
watch out, you better not pout, Santa Claus is
coming to town!

Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 min.:
15 double-unders or tuck jumps (50 single jumps)
15 situps
15 supermans
Post time to comments.
Endurance Workout…
TEMPO 85-90% 1X

Anaerobic Endurance Strength and Conditioning & CrossFit Main Site Rest Day

Choose ONE of the Following Sports

Swim: SC: 8min- LC: 12min- U: 20min

Bike: SC: 30min- LC: 50min- U: 70min

Run: SC: 15min- LC: 30min- U: 60min

C2: SC: 10 min- LC: 15min- U: 20min

Post distance to comments.

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