Thursday – April 22nd, 2010

“Nothing will ever be attempted,

if all possible objections must first be overcome.”?

– Samuel Johnson

This is Jim’s first time with the weighted Push Press…
what can we help him do better?
Right now, Jim’s hips are pushed forward and his
head is not pushing through the “window”.
This creates a curve in his back and puts a lot of weight
on his lower back.
In this picture, Dan has fixed the problem.
(Sorry Jim, you had fixed it as well, I just didn’t have a good pic of it)

He has pushed his head through the window, kept his chest pushed out and
his hips have remained back which gives him a good lumbar curve
and keeps the weight over his heels with even distribution.


Rest Day
Endurance WOD…

TEMPO 80-90%

Choose ONE of the following sports:

80% for the first half, 90% for the last half. Choose distance based on your event.

Swim: SC: 400m , LC: 600m , U: 800m

Bike: SC: 10 mile , LC: 18 mile , U: 25 mile

Run: SC: 1.5 mile , LC: 5miles , U: 10miles

C2: SC: 2k , LC: 5k , U: 8k

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