Thursday – August 4, 2016 (20160804)

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Today we’ll be getting outside!

Please be on time/early for class today so we can take our warmup jog to a local park.

Alternatively, you can meet us at the park, a coach will be waiting for you there.

If you’re stressed on time, I suggest meeting us there, but if you have the choice we prefer you to start at the gym.

Make sure you bring plenty of water, sunscreen and snacks (orange slices, etc.) for the coaches.

***El Dorado Park***  <<<(this is a link)

from the gym;

R via fabricante, L Alicia, R Jeronimo, L Montilla, BOOM RUN UP THAT HILL!




You need to come at the work out with the mentality of “I’m not tired,i can do this, i can rest when I’m done”

What you feel within the work out is discomfort, not pain, you can work though discomfort. An example of working through discomfort is walking outside and realizing its really hot today.. with the weather being super hot and muggy you don’t just stop what you are doing and lay on the ground and quit for the day because you don’t like the heat…no you keep doing what you had planed and you work through that discomfort. This concept applies to Crossfit perfectly. Lets say running is something you hate, you get uncomfortable really fast within first minute, the first minute is the same as stepping out that door and getting hit by that heat blast, at this moment you are given two options, you can either stop what you are doing, or you can push forward and move through that discomfort because you know it will make you better in the end. This is where that positive mentality comes into play. Always be talking to yourself in your head…i know it sounds crazy….but you are your biggest motivator and you don’t even realize it, for example if we are running and in you’re head you think “oh man I’m tired i should rest”….you have already lost the battle ..TO YOURSELF. Now if i were to flip the switch the other way and kept saying, “I’m not tired, i can do this, just take a couple steps at a time, its just a couple steps”. Keep your internal goals small that way you always hit them and it gives you the confidence to move forward. On a run just look at something that is maybe 10 feet away from you and run to that, then something 10 feet away after you get to that on…this keeps bigger distances short, you will end up running the full distance non stop yet it didn’t feel like it because you kept the goals short and kept moving…YOU gave YOURSELF the confidence that you needed in order to keep moving. But this does not mean the coaches still won’t yell at you!

get in here and have an amazing workout with a positive attitude!

Coach D


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