Thursday – February 18, 2016 (20160218)

Level 1

100 Wall balls

Level 2

150 Wall balls

Level 3


150 Wall balls 20/14

Level 4 Rx


150 Wall balls 20/14

*sub 5


Crossfit Open starts next week, we’re pretty much guaranteed to see wall balls, snatch, box jumps burpees pull-ups, thrusters, and maybe a heavy power clean…. So to get y’all ready for it, we through in a bunch of box jumps on tuesday, and now we’ve got a few wall balls for you.


Deadlift 10 x 3 @85%


Pick a manageable number to do every 30 seconds or every minute and stick to it.

Red athletes (except for Cindi) should shoot for 30 a minute.

Black athletes should do 20-25 a minute.

Blue and green athletes should do 7-10 every 30 seconds

Get more Awesome: AIS 90/90 stretch minimum 2 minutes per side

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