Thursday – February 2, 2017 (20170202)

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[tab]Level 1

30 Burpee jumping pullups

30 Devil Press

Any order, just get the work done.


[tab]Level 2

30 Burpee pull ups

30 Devil Press 20/15

Any order, just get the work done.


[tab]Level 3

For Time:

30 Burpee chest to bars

30 Devil Press 30/25

Any order, just get the work done.


[tab]Level 4

For Time:

30 Burpee muscle ups

30 Devil Press 40/35

Any order, just get the work done.



It is good to know these motivational pieces are reaching people.  Thank you for your kind words.  Thoughts that invoke a desire for positive change.  That is my current definition of motivation.  Whether it is to change my thoughts, actions, or my physical state.  To write these daily pieces forces me to constantly look outside myself for experiences.  Experiences that make me reflect on my thoughts and actions.  I believe our thoughts and actions are rooted in experience.  We then limit what we see by what we think we are seeing based on those past emotions to experiences.  What I’m trying to do is experience routine interactions for the first time.  Hence, being outside of myself. It is not that my thoughts and actions are fundamentally wrong, I just know that you and I are capable of much more.  We can be more compassionate and understanding.  We can see beautiful things for the first time instead of being blinded by our fears and prejudices.  Finding a balance is my goal.  Past experiences can keep us safe.  They can also keep us chained up.  Be willing to change, to become awesome.



day 1 front squat

day 2 press

day 3 deadlift

Day 4 bench press

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Mobility: couch stretch 2 min/side, banded shoulders 2 min/side 

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