Thursday – February 20th, 2014

 Yoga this Saturday at 8:30 AM.  
Member Recognition Night
 Friday – March 14th, 2014
 After getting sick this past weekend with the stomach flu I lost nearly 10 pounds.  Not what I wanted.  Some of you may not like to hear this but I’ve been trying to gain muscle mass (weight).  I don’t have much to lose so I felt like I withered away.  And the guys are always commenting on how small I already look.  This morning while teaching the 6:30 am class I caught my reflection in the window and I thought while looking at my upper body, “wow, you put the weight back on already.  Nice job.”  Remember how important positive self talk is?  I was talking myself up.  But then I had the unfortunate realization I was wearing two sweatshirts.  Have fun, make it an awesome day, and don’t forget to laugh at yourself.    
Focus on good technique.  Everyone will be increasing weight and moving to a 5 rep scheme every two minutes next week.  Get ready to get even more awesome.
Workout Strategy
Walking Lunges?  Why are we doing so much squatting?  My legs can’t take anymore.  Let us look at this from my prospective.  I design the workouts for the week with the knowledge that about 80% of our members come three times per week.  But they don’t all come Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  If this is your fourth day this week then you are probably pretty sore.  Be smart.  The program is not designed for you to come everyday.  Rest Days are important.  If you are really sore than pick a lighter weight for the lunges then you would normally do.  Today is what CrossFit calls a chipper.  You will complete all the repetitions of one movement before moving on to the next.  The good news is once the movement is done there is not another round so you will not see that movement again.  We will see a wide range of times today.  As you may have noticed this week is more of a strength week.  Today we will see skilled and strength movements. The pace will have to be slower but the work load is heavier.  Don’t be afraid to spend the time completing the more difficult movement or weight.  Try not to scale down today (unless this is your 4th day).  The shoulder to overhead can be Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk.  Just make it happen.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                 Day 1, 2, or 3.
Level 1:  

100 Jump Rope

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 

30 Shoulder to Overhead

20 Push Ups (elevated)

Level 2:  

100 Double Unders

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 85/55#

30 Shoulder to Overhead, 85/55#

20 Pike Push Ups

Level 3: 

50 Double Unders

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 115/75#

30 Shoulder to Overhead, 115/75#

10 HSPU (abmat assistance acceptable)

Level 4: 

100 Double Unders

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 135/95#

30 Shoulder to Overhead, 135/95#

20 HSPU (Head to floor)

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