Thursday – February 6th, 2014

Our youngest child Ryan who turn three this month has a habit of coming our room each night.  We don’t let her sleep in the bed with us so she brings her pillow and blanket and sleeps on the floor next to our bed.  Ryan tends to talk in her sleep and last night she woke me up several times because she was laughing in her sleep.  I often wonder what she dreams about.  Normally I’m not that thrilled when she wakes me up but last night I couldn’t help but laugh along with her.  This made me think this morning.  Ryan is generally a very happy little girl.  She finds joy in just about everything she does.  Can we learn from children?  Can we look to find the joy in all that we do?  I think we can and should try.  Whether you look for the positive or negative you will find it.  Try to be more positive.  I know this can be difficult at times especially if you have ever battled or are battling depression.  With depression I  know how that sadness or negative thoughts will come for no apparent reasons.  While we can not always control these thoughts and feeling we need to all that we can to get out of that dark hole as quickly as possible.  Exercise and engage in activities that you know bring you joy.  Become as a little child and be happy.
Day 1,2, or 3
Workout Strategy
 You need to be patient in a hurry.  Some of you have heard me say this.  Many CrossFit movements are very dynamic and explosive in nature.  To be efficient with the movements we have to move in a systematic order.  Making sure to finish each part before moving to the next.  That’s the best way I can describe how to be successful in this workout.  You have to know you own limitations when it come to pull ups.  I can do 30 Chest to Bar pull ups in a row but I broke the first set into 15 and 5.  The First two rounds go quick.  35 of the 50 pull ups take place here.  I went a little quick on the pull ups and paid the price.  Where I paid was on the Push Jerk.  If the weight is challenging, like it should be, then doing the round of 6 and 8 Push Jerks gets hard when you are out of breath.  It’s a beautiful combination of movements.  Being a little guy pull ups are to my advantage.  The Push Jerk is a disadvantage since the weight is equal to my body weight.  But that is the fun of CrossFit.  Get good at what your not supposed to be good at and you can become awesome.  Everyone wants to be awesome.  So you will need to be patient so as to not get to winded but not waste time standing around.  Have fun.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Hang Power Clean: 5 every minute for 10 minutes
Level 1:  

20 Ring Rows

2 Push Jerk

15 Ring Rows

4 Push Jerk

10 Ring Rows

6 Push Jerk

5 Ring Rows

8 Push Jerk 

Level 2:  

10 Pull Ups

2 Push Jerk, 95/65#

8 Pull Ups

4 Push Jerk, 95/65#

6 Pull Ups

6 Push Jerk, 95/65#

4 Pull Ups

8 Push Jerk, 95/65#

Level 3: 

20 Pull Ups

2 Push Jerk, 115/85#

15 Pull Ups

4 Push Jerk, 115/85#

10 Pull Ups

6 Push Jerk, 115/85#

5 Pull Ups

8 Push Jerk, 115/85#

Level 4 

20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

2 Push Jerk, 155/105#

15 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

4 Push Jerk, 155/105#

10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

6 Push Jerk, 155/105#

5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

8 Push Jerk, 155/105#

Get more awesome: 3 minute Plank Hold

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