Thursday- July 25th, 2013

We will be closed on Friday and Saturday for the CrossFit Games.  If you are interested in going we have tickets available for Friday and Sunday.
Thursday morning at 6:00 am we are again meeting in the Wahoo’s Parking lot at the corner of Portola Parkway and Glen Ranch Road in Foothill Ranch to go mountain biking.  We will then ride in Whiting Ranch Wilderness park.  This is open to anyone and all levels.  You do need to provide your own bike and equipment.  This is just a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get to know others in the gym who share a similar interest.  We plan on announcing many more rides this summer so keep looking here for announcements.
I love hearing success stories so I’ll share the most recent one.  Kirk joined Mission CrossFit in April of this year.  He is one of our many Law Enforcement Officers who work out in the gym.  He is no stranger to fitness and has kept himself in good shape even before CrossFit.  Most Police Departments have what they call a PFT or Physical Fitness Test.  These are no longer mandatory but many Officers still take pride in being physically fit.  Plus most departments reward vacation hours for meeting set standards based on age categories.  The PFT at Kirk’s Department consistent of Max Rep Pull Ups, Max Reps Push Ups, Max Sit Ups in 2 minutes, and a 1.5 mile run.  Each tested element has a max score of 100 points.  Kirk recently recorded his best score of his career on his PFT.  This is quite an accomplishment since Kirk has spent 20 + years at the department and is turning 51 in a few months.  He is a long time SWAT team member and is leading a young team by example.  His score would have placed him in the top tier of the 21-29 year old category.  It is great to see people accomplish a level of fitness that they themselves did not realize they had.  I am especially thankful for our First Responders who workout beside us.  I love that Kirk works out at Mission CrossFit and that he brings his wife and daughter to the gym to workout with him.  We have a lot of great families in the gym.  Take the time to get to know people in the gym.  Continue to encourage and uplift all those you come in contact with.  Be the sunshine in someone’s life. 


 More Pull Ups?  Getting a pull up is a major accomplishment.  I want to see more people get pull ups.   I want to see people having fun doing handstands.  We do Crossfit so that we can do anything.  I don’t like saying, “well, I used to be able to do that.”  Let’s be awesome people.
Workout Strategy
 We had a drop in to the gym on Wednesday.  This is the second year Tim and his wife Erin have come to workout with us.  They are owners of two CrossFit Gyms in New Jersey.  Tim competed in the Regional for the CrossFit Games this year and finished 2oth.  When he tells me he is dreading this workout we know it is not to be underestimated.  This week has been full of high intensity short duration light weight / body weight movements.  Today’s workout can be done in two ways.  It can be light weight done very quickly (testing muscular endurance or heavy weight done slower testing strength.  Today we want the weight to be heavier.  We do need to be smart about this.  Over Head Squat is a technical lift.  Heavy is relative.  Keep the sets manageable.  Good technique is critical.  I would like this workout to take less than 15 minutes.  To be a level 4 athlete you need to be able to do this Workout in less than 6 minutes.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day  Pull Ups and Handstands
Level 1:    




Over Head Squat

Level 2:    



Deadlift, 135/95#

Over Head Squat, 75/55#

Level 3: 



Deadlift, 185/115#

Over Head Squat, 95/65#

Level 4: 



Deadlift, 225/155#

Over Head Squat, 135/95#

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