Thursday – June 5th, 2014

Saturday June 14th
Mountain Challenge 
Arrive at 7:30 am Starts at 8:00
Concourse Park
18839 Saddleback Ranch Rd.
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
This will be a 5k walk and run on the trails of Whiting Ranch.  There will be a few stations where you will have to complete a task before moving on.  This will be a fun weekend event.  The whole family is invited.  Sign up on the Events board in the gym.
Friday June 27th
Member Recognition Night
5:30 PM
On Tuesday I picked up Dallin from Kindergarden which has become a routine event on Tuesday and Thursday.  We went back to the gym where I had to get a few things done.  We then ran a few errands which included going by the bank.  The bank has these little pieces of paper by the teller.  While I made the deposit Dallin drew a star on a piece of paper and handed it to me.  I asked what the star was for.  Dallin’s reply, “It means your the best Dad.”  I’ll be keeping that paper.  I then went by the house to drop him off.  After finishing a few things around the house I headed back to the gym.  Dallin convinced my to take him with me.  Didn’t take much convincing since I still had the Best Dad Star in my pocket.  Later that evening I took both Daniel and Dallin along with me to the Boy Scout activity that I was in charge of.  On Wednesday morning I received a text from Sarah at 6:20 AM that read. “Dallin’s prayer this morning…”Thank Thee for the wonderful day I had yesterday.  I got to be with my Dad three times.”  I relay this story because it is moments like this that I realize our kids just want to be with us.  We didn’t play soccer in the gym.  He played on his own because I had to get some things done.  We just need to be there.  A simple truth that extends beyond just our kids.  It is the same with our friends, spouse, and other family.  Just show up.  That’s what makes you awesome.
Squat Early and Often.  As part of our Strength Program we will be squatting nearly everyday.  Why?  Because it is the best use of our time.  Getting Awesome is about doing the simple things really well and consistently.
Workout Strategy
 This workout is as much a mental challenge as it is physical.  We tend to have a lot of negative self talk during burpees.  It is very easy to slow down and just let the time get away from us.  Look at the clock often and know where you are time wise for each round.  Be consistent.  Stay strong.  The burpees don’t have to slow down.  Keep your arms locked out and chest up on the lunges.  Get after it.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                EMOM for 5 minutes: 10 Front Squat or Back Squat
Level 1:
5 Rounds:


16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 45# plate

12 Burpees

Level 2:


5 Rounds:

16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 35/25# plate

15 Burpees

Level 3:


5 Rounds:

16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 35/25# plate

18 Burpees

Level 4:

5 Rounds:

16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 45/35# plate

21 Burpees

To Get More Awesome – 50 Ab Mat Sit Ups and 50 Supermans

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