Thursday – June 6th, 2013

Paleo Challenge starts on Monday.  Everyone who wants to be healthy should participate.  It not only includes what you eat but how much water you drink, sleep you get, and how much you work out.  Don’t make excuses, just do it.
Do you want to be stronger, have more energy, and be healthy.  Do you really want to be healthy?  Then stop making excuses and start eating healthy.  You can’t feel like a million bucks if your eating off the dollar menu.  Pasta, grains, wheat, corn, sugar.  These are poor people food that will keep you alive but not make you healthy.  They will make you fat.  Fat free does not mean it’s good for you.  Marsh mellows and red vines are fat free.  It says so on the packaging.  If you have an excuse for not being able to eat healthy then you don’t really want it.  Don’t tell me how good your dessert is.  Heroine addicts will tell you how good heroine feels.  We make time and we put in the effort for things we really want.  Nothing worth having is easy.  This goes for everyone.  California is loaded with skinny fat people.  Being healthy is good eating and exercise.  You can’t exercise to justify eating crappy food.  Make the changes you need to make and be awesome.
If you want to be strong then start going heavier on your back squat.  Learn to love the squat.  Work on improving your technique.  Back Arched, Chest Up, Elbows under bar, Upper back tight, deep breath, and knees out.  Pick a partner who can help remind you of these things as you lift.  Don’t be afraid of the bar.  This should be a battle.  You should look forward to the struggle.  There is no easy way to get strong.  You need to put in the work.
Workout Strategy
Today is a mono structural workout designed to improve our Cardio Vascular Endurance.  The simple things are often the most effective.  Set a goal time and stick with it.  I listed what your average pace will need to be to finish in the various levels.  Keep a smooth steady pace.  Remember the rower is about efficiency.  On a distance of 2,500 meters we should be at 25-28 strokes per minute.  Remember big long pulls driving with the legs.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                Back Squat:  5 every Minute for 10 minutes (set new 5 rep Max)
Level 1:  Row 2500 meters*More than 11 minutes – Male 

*More than 12 minutes – Female

Level 2:  Row 2500 meters*Less than 11 minutes – Male (average 2.12/500m pace)

*less than 12 minutes – Female (average 2.24/500m pace)

Level 3:Row 2500 meters*Less than 9 minutes 45 seconds- Male (average 1.57/500m pace)

*less than 10 minutes 45 seconds – Female (average 2.09/500m pace)

Level 4:Row 2500 meters*Less than 9 minutes – Male (average 1.48/500m pace)

*less than 10 minutes – Female (average 2.00/500m pace)

Get more awesome: 3 rounds of: 5 Pull ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats

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