Thursday – October 17th, 2013

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Why are the best and most rewarding things in life just so hard to do.  I’ve written a few times now about how great it has been running with my son Daniel in the morning and having Taylor and Dallin follow us on their bikes.  On Tuesday morning Morgan (reluctantly) joined Daniel and I on our run.  We run two laps around our block which is 1 mile.  Daniel this week set a goal of completing the two laps in less than 7 minutes.  Tuesday he ran it in 6.50.  Time to set a new goal.  While it has been the highlight of most days it is still so difficult.  It is difficult for me to get out of bed those extra 15 minutes early.  While me kids anxiously are getting up earlier to complete their chores so that they can go.  I reluctantly pull the covers off and roll out of bed.  One of the big secrets is that I don’t even like running.  I need to change that train of thought since the benefits I’m getting from spending time with the kids is truly priceless.  The morning routine is getting partly because they know in order to participate they have to complete their chores and have been ready to leave on time for school the day before.  With all these benefits why is it still so hard?  Why are we so easily distracted from the really important things?  I suppose it is because to appreciate happiness one must understand the need for sacrifice.
Squat Early and Often.  As part of our new Strength Program we will be squatting nearly everyday.  Why?  Because it is the best use of our time.  We will be adding additional strength in the coming weeks so prepare to get more awesome.
Workout Strategy
 This workout is as much a mental challenge as it is physical.  We tend to have a lot of negative self talk during burpees.  It is very easy to slow down and just let the time get away from us.  Look at the clock often and know where you are time wise for each round.  Be consistent.  Stay strong.  The burpees don’t have to slow down.  Keep your arms locked out and chest up on the lunges.  Get after it.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                EMOM for 5 minutes: 10 Front Squat or Back Squat
Level 1:
5 Rounds:16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 45# plate

12 Burpees

Level 2:5 Rounds:

16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 35/25# plate

15 Burpees

Level 3:5 Rounds:

16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 35/25# plate

18 Burpees

Level 4:
 5 Rounds:16 Walking Overhead Lunges, 45/35# plate

21 Burpees

To Get More Awesome – 50 Ab Mat Sit Ups and 50 Supermans

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