Thursday – October 24th, 2013

Friday – November 1st – Member Recognition Night
BBQ/Potluck & Family Movie Night
Put it in your calendar!!
We put a number of names on the board who will be recognized on November 1st.  If you find your name on the board please RSVP.  Everyone is invited.  The names are on the board are being honored based on the number workouts they have completed at Mission CrossFit.
Wednesday Night October 30th – Mobility with Dr. Jorge
Dr. Jorge is our resident Chiropractor and will be putting on a Mobility Seminar this Wednesday, October 30th at 6:00 PM in the small gym.  He will be incorporating a mobility massage ball to help you take care of your muscles.  The cost of the class which come with the mobility ball is $10.  Sign up on the Events board in the gym.  If possible you should attend.  Aches and pains should not persist.  If we take care of ourselves we should be pain free.  I din’t say sore free but pain free.
Writing these motivational pieces often causes me a lot of anxiety.  What do I write about?  I have received feedback that some of you read this everyday.  That’s some pressure.  I have even been asked that I write something on the weekends.  I normally write these just before they are scheduled to be posted on the website.  Right now it is Tuesday morning.  I am way ahead of schedule and let me tell you it feels so good.  Which brings me to today’s message.  I wrote the workout strategy for today before writing this motivational section.  For those of you who don’t read the workout strategy, today it goes into detail about coming up with a plan and sticking to it.  Do you have a plan for today?  The only way I get things done efficiently is to have a detailed daily plan.  Much like my workouts.  With no plan I can get through the day or workout but thenI’ll sit there and think, that could have gone so much better if….  Even when I plan and get through a good portion of my checklist I can still have a bad day.  Why is this?  It is my own attitude.  The to do list can never fully be accomplished.  If I look only at what I still need to do I tend to get very discouraged.  Just like many workouts we do.  If we only focus on what we have left we are often very miserable.  So what do we do?  Set reasonable goals.  Allow yourselves to succeed.  Set micro goals and when we accomplish them allow yourself to celebrate.  Not for to long of course .  One round or exercise at a time.  Positive reinforcement.  We know we need it.  We know our kids, our spouse, and our friends need it.  We are our own worst critique and yet our biggest fan.  Stay positive.  Keep working.  Set habits and patterns of behavior that will allow you to succeed.  “The perfect place to begin is exactly where you are right now”
Getting better takes practice.  I am seeing big improvements already because we are requiring you guys to perform these Front and Back Squats so often.  Are you striving to perfect the movement.  I was doing my Front Squats on Monday and hit about 8 of my 50 reps perfect.  The position of my feet and movement of my ankles, knees, and hips moved in such a way that it allowed for balanced tension between my quads and hamstrings.  I felt to tension my knees.  My chest and elbows were nearly vertical.  Such a wonderful feeling.  8 doesn’t sound like much but it is way better than I was just 3 months ago when I started this program.  I am able to keep my chest and elbows more vertical then when I stated and the weight is at 150% of my starting weight.  Perfection takes consistency and dedication.  We all have a long way to go.  We are here to assist you in being your best.
Workout Strategy
 Can we apply what we have learned this week to this workout?  What am I talking about?  We have done various sprint intervals with set rest or a partner workout where we have planned rest while our partner does work.  Can you now take a 15 minute workout with the listed movements and figure out a strategy that will allow you to get the most out of the workout?  I still see seasoned CrossFit athletes in our gym going out to fast.  We must learn to listen to our body and know our abilities.  We have to stay positive during the workout so that we don’t slow down if we don’t really need to.  The coaches will help you pace the beginning of this workout.  The first five minutes of the workout you need to feel like you are going to slow and taking to long of breaks.  We have done enough workouts where the rest is set and have learned that by the end the breaks don’t seem as long as they were at the beginning.  This will be especially important today.  The Snatch is a technical lift and can not be done properly if you are breathing to hard.  Both the box jumps and wall balls tend to really elevate the heart rate which will negatively effect the Snatch.  This was done on purpose.  Working out is not just about going all out.  It is an exercise on efficiency, working smarter, and harder.  
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                EMOM for 5 minutes: 10 Front Squat or Back Squat
Level 1:
15 minute AMRAP

5 Power Snatches

7 Box Jumps

9 Wall Ball

Level 2:
15 minute AMRAP

5 Power Snatches, 75/55#

7 Box Jumps, 16″

9 Wall Ball, 14/10#

Level 3:


15 minute AMRAP

5 Power Snatches, 105/75#

7 Box Jumps, 20/16″

9 Wall Ball, 20/14#

Level 4:
15 minute AMRAP

5 Power Snatches, 135/95#

7 Box Jumps, 20/16″

9 Wall Ball, 20/14#

To Get More Awesome – 20 Overhead Squats & 30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

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