Thursday – October 9th, 2014


We still need some votes to be considered for the Business Grant that we applied for through Chase Bank.  Please use the following link.
Type in Mission CrossFit and then click on vote.
The grant is for $150k.  We would be using the Grant money to further develop our App that is powering our new program.  The App will not only service our small gym but would extend to all of our members.  We would have our own app to track your workouts which would give us data to better design workout program specifically for you.  This Grant would greatly help us in the development of Mission CrossFit and to the service of our members.
 Staying motivated in a tough world.  “Believe unconditionally in yourself and the abilities of others.”  Since opening Mission CrossFit 5 years ago we have had the blessing of getting to know hundreds of people.  We have seen people change their lives.  One of new members just told me today that he took his wife stand up paddle boarding for her birthday last week.  He thanked me for what CrossFit has done for him.  He told me two months ago he would not have even attempted to do the activity because he wouldn’t have wanted to embarrass himself.  Being physically strong opens more opportunities for us to enjoy life.  Another member just confided in us that her doctors found a tumor near her ovaries.  The unknown is so scary.  Even her doctor reminded her that she does CrossFit and that will help her with her fight and eventual recovery.  My heart aches seeing our members facing such trials.  Yet, these same people provide me with such inspiration in their handling of their trials.  I want each of you to know of our deep love for you.  You are part of a family here at Mission CrossFit.  We will support and uplift one another.  We are here to bear one another’s burdens. To rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.  Let us find the simple joys in life.  Appreciate the moment.  Seize the day.  Make today awesome.
Focus on good technique.  Everyone will be increasing weight and moving to a 5 rep scheme every two minutes next week.  Get ready to get even more awesome.
Workout Strategy
Walking Lunges?  Why are we doing so much squatting?  My legs can’t take anymore.  Let us look at this from my prospective.  I design the workouts for the week with the knowledge that about 80% of our members come three times per week.  But they don’t all come Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  If this is your fourth day this week then you are probably pretty sore.  Be smart.  The program is not designed for you to come everyday.  Rest Days are important.  If you are really sore than pick a lighter weight for the lunges then you would normally do.  Today is what CrossFit calls a chipper.  You will complete all the repetitions of one movement before moving on to the next.  The good news is once the movement is done there is not another round so you will not see that movement again.  We will see a wide range of times today.  As you may have noticed this week is more of a strength week.  Today we will see skilled and strength movements. The pace will have to be slower but the work load is heavier.  Don’t be afraid to spend the time completing the more difficult movement or weight.  Try not to scale down today (unless this is your 4th day).  The shoulder to overhead can be Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk.  Just make it happen.
Workout of the Day
Strength of the Day                                                 Day 1, 2, or 3.
Level 1: 


100 Jump Rope

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 

30 Shoulder to Overhead

20 Push Ups (elevated)

Level 2: 


100 Double Unders

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 85/55#

30 Shoulder to Overhead, 85/55#

20 Pike Push Ups

Level 3:


50 Double Unders

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 115/75#

30 Shoulder to Overhead, 115/75#

10 HSPU (abmat assistance acceptable)

Level 4:


100 Double Unders

50 Abmat sit ups

40 Walking Lunges (front rack) 135/95#

30 Shoulder to Overhead, 135/95#

20 HSPU (Head to floor)

Get more awesome: 43 Supermans

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